Room Styling

Room Styling is an economical solution to interior decorating. Because an interior stylist ‘shops your home’ initially, a space can be simply and tastefully reinvented. By utilizing existing pieces of furniture, accessories, and art a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space begins to unfold.

Offering color direction, placing your furniture in the right location, as well as the possible purchase of other strategic pieces creates the appropriate flow, mood, and comfort of an exquisitely styled residential or commercial environment. The end result enhances and reflects the client’s personal style.

  • Color is what brings the room to life. It is either used to punctuate a space or    becomes the common denominator that links the adjacent spaces together.
  • Flow is what links adjoining rooms together so there is an aesthetic transition    from one space to another.
  • Mood is the setting, atmosphere and theme that induce emotional comfort and    aesthetic pleasure.
  • Personal Style is the combination of color, flow, and mood.