August Newsletter

Hello Dear Friends!

Hope your summer is going well and you are safe. While you are having a nice summer, TOPITZ DESIGN STUDIOS is being amazingly productive.

The ultimate RELOCATION... Europe to the USA

In 5 days, I unpacked and placed 40,000.00 pounds (over 650 cartons and two truck loads of furniture and personal accessories).

While doing that I:

  • ARTFULLY PLACED all of the furniture, fine art and household accessories
  • RE PURPOSED. Gave new life to existing collectibles and furniture

Here is My Client Testimonial

"After moving from Europe to the USA...
I hired Jodi as an interior stylist and organizer to help me obtain a faster and better result during my hectic relocation to my new home in the states. Moving from Europe to USA with more than 650 cartons was quite daunting. Jodi had a lot of energy and was very efficient. She provides great advice regarding interior decoration, she listens to what your needs are and has a lot of great ideas. With Jodi I reduced significantly the stress and pressure I usually experience with a move. This was my move #12 and I enjoy having my house neat and decorated after only one week. Jodi is personable and very pleasant I would recommend her to any expat who feels overwhelmed by a new transition, she provided emotional support through the whole process as well."

You can see the pictures below before and after.





While your personal life may be somewhat chaotic, you absolutely need your new space to impact you positively. This is how you do it:

  • Reduce your clutter by grouping like objects together in one spot.
  • Purchase storage containers and decorative bins to house everything that does not have a home (mail, clothing, shoes, tools etc..)
  • Give yourself permission to have a "junk draw" with out the guilt!
  • Treat each space equally.
  • Place treasures and accessories in every room of your home.
  • Fine art and collectables can respectfully live in a bathroom or kitchen just as a well a formal living area. For example, throw a bunch bosc pears into a $500 "Kosta Boda" bowl and call it a good day!


WE2ME - Your home should be your sanctuary.

Spruce up or Scale Down

Downsizing from a large living space to a smaller more intimate space or simply from old to new can be extremely challenging.

How does one go from married to single (we to me) and how is that stressful transition eased by the proper use and application of color, furniture placement, room accessorizing and the art of aesthetic living?

We2me is about reclaiming your new space as the primary source for your emotional intelligence and inner strength through design and decor.

Hopefully everyone had a nice Summer and is preparing for Fall. TOPITZ DESIGN STUDIOS is ready to assist you with all of your creative and functional needs.

Listen to my interview at WOR Radio Station HERE

Feel free to give me a call!
Jodi Topitz

Jodi Topitz: New Jersey Interior Styling

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