Enhancing and promoting a rich ambience in your New Jersey and New York City home or business with a customized painting on a wall, ceiling, or other large permanent surface.

A Brief History Of Murals

Murals date back to prehistoric times, such as the paintings found on the caves of Lascaux in France. Many more ancient murals have also survived it Egyptian tombs, and in Pompeii. The term became more famous with the Mexican “muralista” art movement (Diego Rivera, Siqueiros, or Jose Orozco).

Murals today are painted in a variety of ways, using oil or water based media. The styles can vary from abstract to trompe l’ oeil ( a French term for “ fool the eye”).

Presently, the beauty of wall murals has become more popular simply throughout NJ/NY metro region because they bring art into the private and public sphere. Just the presence of a mural in a particular space, commands a certain amount of respect and creates a very specific mood or affect.