Downsizing - we2me

Downsizing from a large home to a smaller living space can be extremely challenging from more than one perspective. Often times "large to small" is a direct result of divorce, death of a spouse, retirement or empty nest syndrome. The question loudly screams out do we go from we to me? How does one address the sense of loss for what "used to be".....good , bad or indifferent. The human mind and spirit begins to struggle through this difficult personal journey of loss & mourning. 1) denial 2) despair 3) anger 4) bargaining 5) acceptance.

The art of aesthetic living, designing, furniture placement, color direction and accessorizing ones smaller domicile directly impacts and strongly supports us through these stages of loss. Because it is tangible and not abstract like our feelings, it is the quickest most direct way to emotional recovery because you can do it right away. This is about reclaiming your new space as the primary source for your emotional intelligence and inner strength.

The psychological component attached to surrounding oneself with beauty, color, familiar objects and favorite pieces of art and furniture create a strong emotional foundation to build upon as we journey through the uncharted waters of healing and discovery. Taking immediate control over something that is pleasant, happy, and peaceful can only result in a positive outcome.